What to look for in a Property Investment with our handy Due Diligence Checklist


Before anybody puts money down on a new property investment there are a number of factors to take into account to ensure that the investment will be a profitable one. Without due diligence (or put simply, doing your research!) there is an increased risk involved with property investment and there’s a chance you’ll get your fingers burnt! Here is our property investment due diligence checklist that we encourage all clients of CXGInvest to carry out before entering into a property deal: Check Past Prices: Checking the value of properties that have been sold in the area over the past few months and years will help you to identify the market value trends. You can also check the average rental value for property in the area to give you a clearer view of what sort of returns to inspect on your investment. You can check recent sale prices and average rental values here. Check the potential for growth: This is another important area to check before investing in any property, if there is very little potential for growth in the market then the investment may not seem as appealing as previously. On the flip side though, if the market growth is on the rise then it may be an ideal time to invest. Amenities in the local area: Another important aspect to identify is the number of local amenities in relation to the property, including location and quality of schools in the area. If there are an abundance of local amenities then this could well make the property more desirable and thus in term boost potential rental income and/or resale value. Transport Infrastructure: It is important to investigate what the transport links are like for the area in which you are thinking of investing as these can have an impact on the [...]

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How To Decorate Your Holiday Home

holiday home

Choosing colour schemes, furniture styles and a decor theme is tricky when decorating any home, and a holiday home can present yet more issues. If you’re planning on renting out your property, you’ll want welcoming decor that makes guests feel at home during their stay – and also encourages them to return! Before decorating your holiday home, make sure you have considered everything from the style of the furniture to meeting your guest’s needs and expectations. When marketing your property for rental, if it’s described as a luxury holiday home this is precisely what your guests will expect. Yet while they will want to walk in and see high-quality furnishings, you as the owner can set a higher rate. Similarly if your home is ideal for families it’s important to ensure you have child-safe furniture and nothing dangerous or breakable within their grasp. Even colour schemes need to be considered with your prospective guests in mind. Still stuck for how to decorate the perfect holiday home? Our guide has everything you’ll need to help you pick the perfect palette, fixtures and interior: Pick durable furniture and furnishings This is particularly important if you’re renting out your holiday home as you’ll want furniture to be long-lasting and withstand plenty of use. Look for strong materials and fabrics which can be switched round and won’t fray or lose their shape. Consider storage requirements If you’re not living in your holiday home all year round it’s easy to overlook elements such as storage. However, no one wants to live out of their suitcase so remember to include wardrobe space, hangers and chests of drawers for guests to store their bits and pieces. If you’re planning on leaving any of your own belongings in the property when renting your home out to guests, ensure [...]

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Election Result May Provide A Real Positive for Commercial Property

commercial property london

When the general election returned a Conservative majority on Thursday (May 7th), we were told that it was a result that would be positive for the residential property market, injecting certainty where there was none before and boosting the sentiments of investors both at home and abroad. And now it appears that experts are predicting similar results for the commercial property market. The sector has enjoyed a strong start to 2015, building on a very positive 2014 to see a rise in investment in the first quarter of this year, but moving forward, it is expected to grow even more positively. The driver behind this growth is likely to be strong business sentiment. Over the last year, we have seen a return to growth in the UK economy, a reality which boosted business and saw many companies looking to increase their office spaces or move to better facilities. This was a positive for investors, who have been seeing their returns increase for some time, and it now seems that this reality will continue across the course of the rest of 2015. James Roberts, chief economist of real estate firm Knight Frank, said: “There is good reason to now suppose the UK economy, that appeared to slow in the run-up to the election, can now resume a strengthening recovery. This will be good news for both the commercial leasing and investment markets.” The surprise majority achieved by David Cameron will also have been far better for commercial property investors than anyone would have anticipated, Mr Roberts went on to add. Miles Gibson, head of UK research at CBRE, backed up this belief, by stating that moving forward, we should experience low inflation, strong growth and an ever growing level of employment growth, all of which can only help to boost the [...]

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London’s High House Prices


London’s High House Prices – An Infographic by the team at LMB Loft Conversions London’s house prices have long been known to be the highest in the country, but now the capital is taking that top spot from some of the priciest cities globally, too. Where once the millionaire mansions were the keep of the American West Coast, real estate prices have catapulted upwards in the major cities – particularly those with a strong business culture. So how does London stack up? London vs. The World After a slow and steady ascent, London has finally taken over as the most expensive place to live on the planet, leapfrogging Hong Kong in the process. However, the company that has supplied these statistics, CBRE, asserts that this is only temporary, with Hong Kong set to regain the number one position again soon. The rest of the top five makes for interesting reading, with the gap between the top three and the rest indicating the preference of luxury home buyers for settling in major global business hubs. Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for New Builds (average per square foot) 1. London – £2,245 2. Hong Kong – £2,185 3. New York – £2,020 4. Sydney – £1,348 5. Paris – £1,235 Data taken from CBRE London vs. The UK It goes without saying that, as the world’s most expensive location for house prices, London would also take this title here in the UK. In fact, despite dipping recently, the gap between the capital and elsewhere in the country is a staggering 12%, with a hefty average price tag of £458,283. The national average, a measly £179,492 in comparison, is comprised from figures that vary wildly across the regions, with the North East seeing much lower prices across the board. Figures taken from the Land Registry London vs. [...]

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The Importance of Maintaining your Roof

maintaining a roof

Keeping property value high and protecting the interior of it should be high-priority to owners, even more so if they are letting the property out to businesses or letting to tenants. Having a roof that is not maintained properly or strong enough can have disastrous effects both for the short-term and long-term. Two questions as a property owner you may want to ask yourself is ‘Is my roof durable enough for all weathers?’ and ‘Does my roof stop water coming into the property effectively?’ If the answer to either of those questions is a ‘no’ than it will be important for you to take some action. Whether your property is residential or commercial it is important to make sure the roof on it is maintained well. A typical problem many property owners can encounter when a roof has not been maintained properly or a roof that has aged quite badly is a roof that leaks water. This can cause damage with potential wood rot, damp or even mold (which can be a nuisance to remove once it occurs within a property). It is important to check your roof on a regular basis to make sure there are no leaks, however small. Where appropriate many property owners choose to install flat roofs on their building. Having a watertight seal on a new flat roof is essential. A watertight seal will mean that the roof does not leak water and thus the interior of your property is protected from water damage. With a new flat roof you can benefit from it being better insulated – creating better warmth in your property during winter. When it comes to property value it can also make a big difference if your roof is in good condition. It can potentially affect the value or even put people off [...]

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How to reach financial independence by investing in property

property abroad

It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to know you have reached a state of financial independence and are no longer reliant on a job in the conventional sense. Property investment is an excellent way to reach this goal provided you follow some simple steps: Plan Without a plan you do not know where you are going. A plan is essential to ensure you have targets and that the planned purchases are feasible. You will need to have access to funds from time to time and this will involve releasing equity from your properties. Each one should be able to fund the next and the timescale of your purchases in the plan should reflect this. A plan will also allow you to know where you are; at which stage of the plan. It is also far easier to make adjustments to your strategy according to market conditions. Choose your property Some properties are higher risk but with potentially higher returns on investment. These can be a good idea if the plan is to have enough funds to clear all debts for retirement. Alternatively, you may refer to properties which return more month on month for your initial investment. It is essential to know what your aim is in order to build the portfolio that suits your needs. Most investors will have a mix of the two types of property. It is also essential to consider the area you are purchasing in and your intended customer. Families looking to rent will want to be near a school, shops and maybe a park. It may help to befriend your local estate agents and ensure you are top of their mailing lists. Ongoing project Your investment plan will need to be controlled by you. This means pushing for more funds when needed and never [...]

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What makes a house a home? L&Q surveys 2000 Brits to find the answer


There’s a big difference between a house and home. For many Londoners, just maintaining a rented room is difficult and actually buying a house is a distant ambition. People are increasingly aware of this distinction between house and home too, a troubling eight out of ten renters felt that they had ‘no choice’ in whether they could rent or buy. Meanwhile, four in every ten renters don’t see their current accommodation as a ‘proper home’. There are many milestones that have to be passed to change a house to a home. Buying your first piece of furniture, celebrating the first Christmas, memorising the Wi-Fi code and learning the name of the barman in your local pub are all important. However, if you’re renting all of those defining moments can feel temporary. If your lease is unstable, your landlord is neglectful or your housemates break their contract, a rental property can be lost immediately. Researchers also found that many young Brits who have long since left their childhood house still refer to the property where their parents live as ‘home’. You can view the L&Q video here: L&Q PricedIn: South East London Trailer or click on the play button below… How can the 3.9 million Brits that are currently renting reconcile themselves to the fact that their accommodation could be unstable and they have little legal protection from spiralling rental costs or rogue landlords? Why is it that so many people feel they are trapped into renting accommodation? How did the UK, and London in particular, make it so difficult for first-time buyers do get onto the property ladder? Recent research, which was commissioned by L&Q, shows that young people still aspire to purchase their own home. Why is it that are they unable to do so? The reasons for this include: ●    Lack of affordable housing [...]

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Addicted To Property all smiles at national blog awards ceremony


The team behind Addicted To Property was all smiles at the UK Blog Awards 2015 ceremony after being shortlisted in the lifestyle category. Addicted To Property, which is brought to you by digital marketing specialist Art Division, was represented at the evening of celebration in Marble Arch, London, by its parent company’s business development manager Nelly Berova, digital marketing strategist Daniel Zairi, online marketing executive Gurleen Jhooti and blog editor Toby Rosenbloom.   Nelly said: “We were delighted to join the best of Britain’s blog producers at this prestigious event on Friday, 17 April. The team behind Addicted To Property had a wonderful evening and thank the awards organisers for their efforts.”       Here’s a collage of photos from the evening:

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Essential Garage Renovations & Upgrades

garage renovation

Garages often provide you with plenty of outdoor space to work with, so if you’re lucky enough to have an outbuilding such as this, there’s simply no end to its capabilities. If you’re still wondering what you could possibly do with such a generous amount of space, you might be in need of some ideas. Garages give you the freedom to change around, adjust and upgrade whenever you want depending on your personal preferences. Here are a few ideas for garage spaces that will certainly help you take full advantage of your outbuilding: Create More Storage Space If you’re relying on your garage to store your belongings, you’ll probably need to make sure that there’s enough room in your garage to compensate for everything you have. There are a number of storage methods you can integrate into your garage to make it much easier to store your belongings, whether it’s gym equipment, bikes or even the Christmas decorations. Cabinets, movable shelves and platforms are great for separating everything up and making it much easier to store belongings of different sizes. An Office Outbuilding If you’ve had enough of keeping your car in your garage and feel like turning it into more of an office environment for your home study or work duties, a renovation process may be in order. It’s a good idea to get expert help in this scenario as you may need to extend your garage out further to accommodate the required furnishings. What’s more, any in-house meetings you carry out with clients, customers or work colleagues can be done in the garage, so you won’t have to welcome everyone at the front door and use the living room. Get Some Exercise Fitness is fashionable and there’s no better way to keep your health and fitness goals closer [...]

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