Addicted To Property all smiles at national blog awards ceremony


The team behind Addicted To Property was all smiles at the UK Blog Awards 2015 ceremony after being shortlisted in the lifestyle category. Addicted To Property, which is brought to you by digital marketing specialist Art Division, was represented at the evening of celebration in Marble Arch, London, by its parent company’s business development manager Nelly Berova, digital marketing strategist Daniel Zairi, online marketing executive Gurleen Jhooti and blog editor Toby Rosenbloom.   Nelly said: “We were delighted to join the best of Britain’s blog producers at this prestigious event on Friday, 17 April. The team behind Addicted To Property had a wonderful evening and thank the awards organisers for their efforts.”       Here’s a collage of photos from the evening:

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Essential Garage Renovations & Upgrades

garage renovation

Garages often provide you with plenty of outdoor space to work with, so if you’re lucky enough to have an outbuilding such as this, there’s simply no end to its capabilities. If you’re still wondering what you could possibly do with such a generous amount of space, you might be in need of some ideas. Garages give you the freedom to change around, adjust and upgrade whenever you want depending on your personal preferences. Here are a few ideas for garage spaces that will certainly help you take full advantage of your outbuilding: Create More Storage Space If you’re relying on your garage to store your belongings, you’ll probably need to make sure that there’s enough room in your garage to compensate for everything you have. There are a number of storage methods you can integrate into your garage to make it much easier to store your belongings, whether it’s gym equipment, bikes or even the Christmas decorations. Cabinets, movable shelves and platforms are great for separating everything up and making it much easier to store belongings of different sizes. An Office Outbuilding If you’ve had enough of keeping your car in your garage and feel like turning it into more of an office environment for your home study or work duties, a renovation process may be in order. It’s a good idea to get expert help in this scenario as you may need to extend your garage out further to accommodate the required furnishings. What’s more, any in-house meetings you carry out with clients, customers or work colleagues can be done in the garage, so you won’t have to welcome everyone at the front door and use the living room. Get Some Exercise Fitness is fashionable and there’s no better way to keep your health and fitness goals closer [...]

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Shoreditch is THE up-and-coming place to invest


When you’re choosing a property to buy, it’s all about the location. Tenants can, after all, move out of your property at the last minute; and won’t hang around in a property that doesn’t suit their needs. Depending on your target market, you’ll need to consider practicalities such as transport links, night life and local schools. If you’re looking for an area that’s a sure thing when it comes to tenants, you can’t do better than Shoreditch. Just a stone’s throw from Central London, the rents are cheaper and it’s a pretty cool area to say the least – just ask Peach Properties , they know all about this vibrant and quirky area. While the average weekly rent for a flat in Mayfair is £1267, the average weekly rent in Shoreditch is £488 a week, so an enormous difference. This part of town is very close to Central London and means it’s very easy for your tenants to commute to work on a daily basis. It’s a great place to invest in; your tenants will get the best of London without the downside. As it’s full of students and people who’ve recently moved to London, your property will never be without tenants. They can enjoy all of what the centre of town has to offer, while benefiting from the slower pace of Shoreditch and enjoy the best of both worlds; which is not a bad thing. History Once upon a time Shoreditch was an industrial-based town. No longer. For the last fifteen years, it’s been pretty trendy and increasingly gentrified. House prices are soaring and anyone who invested in a property there a decade ago has done pretty well. However, house and land prices are increasing by the day, so if you buy a property there now you’ll get a great return [...]

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Why student buy to lets are better than traditional property investments


Over the last 3 years more than £6 billion has been invested in student buy to lets. The asset class has attracted investors largely because of the fact that it produces impressive rental returns and is often available at a lower entry level than more traditional property investments. Investment in the sector has created a new wave of student residents. The days of substandard housing have been replaced with new-build developments containing en-suite and studio rooms. To attract their share of the student market, many of these purpose-built developments contain facilities such a free gym, cinema rooms, communal lounges with pool tables and high speed Wi-Fi throughout the building. With investor sentiment shifting towards purpose-built student property, we look at 5 reasons why student buy to lets are better than traditional property investments. 1. Higher than average yields For many investors, the attractive yields which surpass that which can be achieved by traditional buy-to-lets has propelled student buy to lets into the mainstream. The price of student property is, in general, much lower than the average rental property (and in some cases is priced below the Stamp Duty fresh hold). As the upfront cost is lower, investors are able to achieve better returns; sometimes between 6% and 7% higher than the traditional marketplace. 2. High demand for rooms For landlords who own student property, the biggest factor affecting their returns is demand. According to the latest figures from admission group, UCAS, the number of students applying to higher education courses increased by 2%. Around 592,290 students applied for full-time undergraduate classes before the January 15th deadline. Even when student numbers declined after the introduction of higher tuition fees in 2012, the UK’s student property market remained stable. According to Knight Frank, student property has been the best performing asset class [...]

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Addicted to Property in running for national blog award

uk blog awards

The clock is ticking down to the night Art Division joins Britain’s best bloggers at the five-star Montcalm Hotel in central London for the National UK Blog Awards 2015. Art Division’s Knowledge Bank blog has been shortlisted in the PR, Media & Marketing Company category and our Addicted to Property site is in the running to claim top spot in the Lifestyle Company category. We’re up against some tough competition but the real winners among the 350 bloggers and brands already booked to attend the awards ceremony on Friday 17 April will be those that take the opportunity to network and spread the word about their expertise. We’re looking forward to sharing photos of the Art Division team dressed to impress on the night and keeping our fingers crossed that we take an award back with us.    

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Using Pantone’s colours of the last five years in your home

Pantone’s colours

How to use Pantone colours in your home Every year, the worldwide colour expert Pantone announces the colour that it expects will trend throughout the worlds of fashion, beauty and interior design. Take a look back at the last five years of colour and discover how to go about using them within your home. 2010 – Turquoise Described as “a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world”¸ turquoise works best in bathrooms. The green-blue shade can create both a warming or cooling ambience, depending on the amount of light that is within your room. For brighter rooms, pair turquoise with cooler colours such as a dark, charcoal grey. Alternatively, to make a dark bathroom appear brighter, combine turquoise with lighter pastel tones. 2011 – Honeysuckle Honeysuckle stands between red and pink and is said to be “encouraging and uplifting”. Using the colour in the hallway can promote positivity, which can help to give you the instant uplift you need before heading out to work. Similarly to red, honeysuckle can also stimulate the appetite, making it a good choice for the dining room or kitchen. If you prefer to use neutral tones on your walls, try adding a splash of honeysuckle through accessories and kitchen appliances. 2012 – Tangerine Tango Tangerine tango is described as a “sophisticated, dramatic and seductive” shade that mirrors the tones of a sunset. The bright uplifting colour can help to energise and revive. Used as an accent wall, it will instantly create a warming feel. If you’re feeling brave, why not paint your front door tangerine tango to send a warming invitation to guests? Similarly to honeysuckle, the bright and lively colour can also be used in white, neutral kitchens through accessories and colourful kitchen appliances. 2013 – Emerald Green Green can help to [...]

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Bedroom designs for better sleep


Design your bedroom for the perfect night’s sleep Sleeping habits are fascinating to so many of us. Those who could happily sleep through a storm are often astounded that the slightest sound can wake others in the middle of the night. Whether you are a light or heavy sleeper – or a combination of the two – the way you decorate your bedroom can greatly impact on the quality of your slumber. Find out where you can make adjustments to your bedroom in order to get a better night’s sleep and comfortable awakening in the morning. Light sleepers 1. Reposition your bed If your room allows for it, try facing your bed away from the window to prevent you from focusing on outside distractions when you are trying to sleep, such as streetlights. It can also help in the morning, by stopping any natural sunlight from shining directly into your eyes. 2. Blackout blinds If your room doesn’t allow for the repositioning of any furniture, try investing in a blackout blind. They can significantly reduce the amount of natural light that comes into your room. 3. Redecorate Harsh, bright or even lighter colour schemes can make you feel more awake. If you are a light sleeper, they can prevent you from sleeping when you should. Opt for a darker colour scheme to help you drift off and enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. Consider deeper tones such as crimson red or royal blue, as these shades will appear lighter in the day than other darker colours, but will come across darker in the evening. Deep sleepers 1. Where is your bed facing? Deep sleepers often have no trouble getting to sleep but sometimes find it hard to wake up comfortably. Make sure your bed faces towards the largest window in your [...]

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Organic Real Estate Projects around the world

organic real estate

Presently the world is fast becoming environment friendly and promoting the organic products and sustainable energy. Real Estate too is becoming more environment-friendly by promoting projects with sustainable energy. In recent years, a study conducted in over 60 countries revealed that many businesses, including a large number of real estate companies are all set to go green. By the end of 2015 they want to use environment friendly resources and renewable energy for more than 50% of their projects. Many developers have started offering organic projects and the overwhelming initial response that they are getting from the customers ensures that the idea will become a big success. In many developing countries, there are many initiatives started by the government to encourage the use of renewable energy and environment-friendly methods at a large level. Airwil Organic Smart City is the first such project in India. Some of the benefits of building environment friendly projects are: 1.) Government Subsidies: In several countries of the world the government provides excellent subsidies on selected environment-friendly applications like solar energy. Thus it reduces the building cost significantly. 2.) No recurring expenses:  Unlike conventional electricity, you do not have to pay hefty bills every month for solar electricity. Therefore, by building such projects the builders can offer the buyers a more economical budget for their home. It also makes the project more attractive. So basically people have to pay only the installation charges. 3.) Resolving water scarcity: Water might be the reason for the third world war and it is not an exaggeration considering the scarcity of water. But the Organic Real estate projects offer great ways of rain water harvesting. Many Projects also have the special plumbing systems to save the unnecessary wastage of water. 4.) Get organic food, naturally:  Many real estate projects have started introducing organic gardens [...]

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Reasons Why Properties Fail to Sell

property fail

If you’re preparing to put your beloved property up for sale, it’s important to remember that you’re now looking to appeal to the masses and not just yourself. While this could just mean a few straightforward adjustments to interior design specifications, it could also mean searching around tirelessly for the aspects of your home that are likely to put a potential buyer off. When it comes to unintentionally deterring a buyer, it can be really frustrating not knowing exactly what it is that’s causing your home to struggle in the market. We’re not necessarily referring to your questionable choice of decor either! In fact, it’s usually things that are hidden away or at least very difficult to notice for someone who has lived there for a long time. Here are five things you should look out for if you’re noticing a growing and consistent trend with potential buyers turning your property down at the last minute… Unclean Bathrooms Potential buyers are always eager to explore bathrooms as these are a highly cherished area of any property as far as homeowners are concerned. It may even be possible to sell a property based entirely on the opinion of the bathroom, or bathrooms if you’re lucky enough to have more than one. Unfortunately, bathrooms are also susceptible to mildew and dirt, so it’s vital that you check it over more than once just to be sure of its cleanliness. Spend plenty of time cleaning your bathroom if necessary, replacing used towels, toiletries and perhaps a new rug. Keep the air circulating and fresh by opening a window before potential buyers arrive. Not Enough Light If you have spent loads of time making everything as tidy as possible, don’t waste all that effort by forgetting to incorporate lighting into your home. It’s quite [...]

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Alternative assets emerge as top choice for investors


The latest report from the International Property Federation (IPF) has revealed that investors are now more open to alternative forms of property investment as a way of diversifying their portfolio. The report entitled What Constitutes Real Estate for Investment Purposes? A Review of Alternative Assets, observes the rapid growth in non-traditional types of real estate market to 11% and suggests that alternatives are now considered as mainstream opportunities. The research shows that sub sectors such as residential and student property are now viewed as viable options for real estate investment, as a method to diversify a property portfolio. Rob Martin, director of research, Legal & General Property and chair of the IPF’s steering group that managed the report, commented: “We see the increasing allocation of institutional capital to real estate sectors currently considered alternative as a structural trend.” Diversifying portfolios In the past, larger portfolios were geared towards the commercial market and consisted of assets such as office units, retail spaces and industrial property. However, more investors and portfolio managers are taking steps towards more alternative assets such as buy-to-let property and student accommodation. The findings of the IPF report highlight the popularity of alternative assets. It shows that since 2003, investment in ‘other’ asset classes has increased from 4.2% to 11.3%. The report states that this rise was inevitable due to the potential scale of alternative asset classes: ‘The growth of alternative real estate areas is not surprising given the potential scale: the private residential sector in the UK alone has a value five times larger than the conventional commercial real estate market.’ Portfolio diversification is considered as an increasingly important for success, which has also helped to drive non-traditional asset classes into the mainstream. The report suggests diversification has become increasingly important no matter what the ‘main’ investment [...]

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