11 Easy Ways To De-clutter


Whether you’re preparing to move house and want to make your current home look more attractive to a potential buyer, or you simply need more space, effective organisation and de-cluttering is definitely the answer. This guide will provide you with 11 tips and tricks that are sure to make your life easier and your living space more appealing. Follow our guide for easy ways to de-clutter now!

  1. Clear your entryway: When buyers are looking at potential properties, their first impression needs to be positive, and unfortunately piles of shoes, coats and umbrellas are not the most inviting sight.
  2. Use height to your advantage: If you have hundreds of books, DVDs or games lying around, try adding tall bookcases or shelving units to take full advantage of every available inch of space while keeping your main seating area clear.
  3. Hide anything you don’t want people to see: It is easy to find furniture with hidden compartments, like armchairs with storage space under the seat or fun wooden chests.
  4. Make your bed: Try to keep clothing and other accessories in drawers or wardrobes, not on the bed as this looks untidy. This is something you can achieve straight away for free.
  5. Towel rails: Nothing looks worse than wet towels all over the bathroom. Towel rails are relatively cheap nowadays so they are definitely a product you should consider.
  6. Don’t be afraid to bin things: If you haven’t used it for a couple of years, you probably don’t need it. Bite the bullet and throw it out now. Wearable clothing will be welcomed at any local charity shop.
  7. Go built-in: Children’s rooms are often the most difficult to de-clutter, but an easy solution is built-in corner cabinets and wardrobes. This helps keep more unsightly necessities like toys out of sight and mind.
  8. Attack the kitchen: Sick of cups and mugs falling on your head when you open cupboards? Get yourself some hooks and hang them under your units. Also, clean counters and an empty dishwasher make a really good impression – you’ve got no excuse. You may also wish to look at how you store food. Wicker baskets are a great idea for fruit and vegetables.
  9. Utilize optical illusions: People wear pinstriped clothing to make themselves look taller and thinner. In exactly the same way, striped floors make your rooms appear longer. Another good tip is to replace your solid oak dining table and coffee tables with products made of clear glass, thus creating the illusion of more space.
  10. Paint with light colours: You would be surprised how much difference a coat of light coloured paint can make. Dark colours, although admittedly creating a more cosy feel, absorb incredible amounts light.
  11. Upgrade your lighting solutions: Overhead fixtures are okay but they rarely light a room to its full potential. Try a few lamps in every room to draw guests’ eyes, this will again give the illusion of more space.