A Healthier Way To Go To The Loo


Granted, it’s a bit of a disgusting topic, but because it’s to do with a new innovation in something we all use every single day, we thought we’d share it with you.

You guessed it…we’re talking about the humble toilet. To must of us, a loo is a loo – little has changed since it was first introduced and it’s not something which would usually make for stimulating conversation over the dinner table.

But a new toilet is claiming to help prevent disease by forcing users to assume the squat position, making is easier and cleaner ‘to go’ (we said it was a bit of a disgusting topic…!)

Designer Peter Codling claims the toilet reduces the risk of colon cancer, heart attacks, haemorrhoids, pelvic floor damage, and hernias as these can be caused by straining. It sounds like a good idea and if it works, something we could be seeing a lot more of in homes and public conveniences wherever we are. A loo that can help combat cancer…if it works Peter’s on to a winner. We won’t talk about the finer details – you can read them yourself in this article featured in the Daily Mail.