Basement Conversion Drama Continues

Westminster Council has ‘missed its chance’ to take a stand against excessive basement conversions, after controversial plans for a double basement extraction were given the go-ahead in Marylebone.

Plans to convert The old Bramah locksmith building in Oldbury Place into three townhouses each with a double basement have caused uproar among local residents who fear that the project will bring unnecessary disruption and unknown repercussions due to the scale of the conversion.

Despite a 500-strong petition and fierce opposition, a panel of councillors gave the scheme the green light on September 10th. This latest decision has led to fresh appeals for councils to take a tougher stance on basement conversions and to devise policies to better manage them. A number of schemes in London have already caused controversy, and many opposers believe that the councils need to take more of a tough approach until more is known about the impact such excavations might have.

Source: The Guardian