Forget Postcode Power and Go Underground

It’s commonly known that living in an area with good commuter links and a sound transport infrastructure can add value to your home and push up asking prices.

But it would appear that people living close to a tube station in London are laughing all the way to the bank with prices rising by around £150,000 for every minute traveled up the line from Southwark to Green Park.

The figures are really quite astonishing, and represent the true disparity of the property market in the capital. In the six minute journey between Earls Court and Sloane Square, property prices rise by£96,647 each minute. The three stops from Southwark (via Waterloo and Westminster) to Green Park sees increases of £152,640 for every eight minutes of the journey.

Unsurprisingly, when ranked by property values, Knightsbridge is the most expensive Tube station, followed by others in Hyde park, Kensington, Mayfair and Regent’s Park.

Source: Evening Standard