Mayor Faces Criticism Over Affordable Housing Scheme

Boris Johnson’s affordable housing scheme has received criticism this week from Westminster Council. According to this article by the Guardian, a letter has been sent to the mayor’s housing advisor stating that his affordable rent levels are inconsistent with the average earnings of low and middle income residents.

What this could potentially mean is that many residents will be unable to afford to rent the houses within the scheme and could be forced to either leave the area or live on benefits in order to stay where they are which could have a detrimental effect on the diversity of Westminster’s housing stock and effect its economy.

Mr Johnson plans to offer the social housing at 80% at market rate, while other Labour-run councils set their levels at 30-40% which, say the councils responsible, are more acceptable and will allow low income residents to stay in the area.

Mr Johnson has apparently already ignored warnings from a number of London councils and the Independent Housing Inspector.

Eight London Boroughs who oppose Mr Johnston’s plans have said that they will take legal action in order to challenge the scheme.