Mile High Skyscraper Could Be Heading For London

It wasn’t that long ago we were reveling in the launch of London’s latest tallest building, The Shard, which by far is the tallest building in the capital and one of the most prominent sights on the skyline.

Just a matter of months since its launch and the city is in the running to become home to the ‘ultimate’ skyscraper a project being undertaken by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, according to this article by London Loves Business.

The building would tower more than a mile above the ground, making it five times the height of The Shard. But it’s not a matter of when it’s built, more like where. London is just one of a handful of the world’s leading cities which has been asked to pitch for the job, with others including Shanghai, New York and Moscow having also been asked.

At Addicted To Property, we think a building of this size could be verging on obscene and instead of adding to our eclectic architecture, it could actually have a negative impact on our city’s diverse and beautiful skyline. While it would be a novelty, we’d like to see the competition for the tallest of the tall taken elsewhere.