The House With A Knock Down Price

If you want to make big money on an investment head up to London’s W1 and have a look at the house for sale on Mount Row.

The house has an asking price of £35m, but its owner will be able to demolish the ‘liveable’ house and replace it with a new, lavish mansion that could fetch up to £65m…a profit of over £20m.

In this article by the Daily Mail, it’s being labelled the most expensive residential housing demolition project ever in Britain, and once rebuilt, the home would incorporate features you would expect to see in a property with such a huge asking price. It’s lucky new owners will enjoy a bowling alley, swimming pool and a cocktail bar/club-lounge as well as three reception rooms and a 26-foot formal dining room. It will also feature a 2,000sq ft master bedroom with dressing room, shoe room and two bathrooms.

Here at Addicted To Property, we can only wish we had £65m to spare…the idea of a dedicated shoe room and a whole bathroom each is worth the asking price alone, not to mention the fact you can have a whole night out without leaving the house, you just head on down the hall for a spot of bowling.